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What Is The Kokoda Campaign, WW II (World War 2) in PNG?

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The digger and the Fuzzy Wuzzy 

Well next year marks the 70 th Anniversary of the Kokoda Campaign, WWII in PNG.  For those of you who have no idea what the Kokoda Campaign is and where it took place.  I have decided to insert some information in here for you.

KTL's Guides in front of the Memorial Museum in Kokoda, PNG

The Kokoda Campaign in WWII, Papua New Guinea won the Battle For Australia.  Read on to find out about the Battle For Australia.  I have decided to insert the Australian War Memorial's version and thoroughly recommend all those who are interested in Australia's Military History to visit the Australian War Memorial (AWM) in Canberra or their website.  Maybe one day you might want to visit the Memorial Musuem in Kokoda, PNG too like I did on Saturday, 13 August 2011.  All these photos in here are mine taken from my camera, an Olympus SP-600UZ.  I was not to foresee that all the photos that I had taken in Kokoda, would some how one day fall into place in my Kokoda Blogs like it has now.

First here is a website link called The Battle For Australia Council's website this part of history also includes the Bombing of Darwin in the Northern Territory, Australia.  The same Imperial Japanese planes that attacked Pearl Harbour in Hawaii, also attacked Darwin.

The Kokoda Campaign in accordance with the Australian War Memorial

"Kokoda was arguably Australia's most significant campaign of the Second World War (WWII).  More Australians died in the seven months of fighting in Papua, and the Japanese came closer to Australia than in any other campaign."

The Kokoda Track/Australians in World War II/The Pacific War - DVA website
"Australians Deployed To Kokoda"

Perth Mint Marks Australia's Most Significant WWII Campaign As advertised on their website on 04 October 2011, on their Blog it will tell you their version of the Kokoda Campaign.

"The Australians Attempt To Re-Take Kokoda"

"This month we pay tribute to the men who fought on the Kokoda Track with the release of a new Australian legal tender commerative coin from the Famous Battles in Australian History series. (You will see the link on their blog site).  It portrays men of 2/25th and 2/33rd Australian Infantry Battalions crossing the Brown River By means of bridge constructed from a fallen tree on their way forward to Menari."

"The Battle For Isurava, 26 - 30 August 1942"

The difference between the term Kokoda Track and Kokoda Trail as per this website it says Australians used the term Track and the Americans used the term Trail.  So when you're actually there in Kokoda as per my photos below.  You will see Kokoda Track on one side and Kokoda Trail on the other, so at the end of the day everyone is happy I suppose.  I call it Kokoda Track as I had grown up knowing it as the Kokoda Track and if you read the books about Kokoda by some Australian authors you will see they call it Kokoda Track.  Whatever!  You decide what you want to call it.  You would have read in AWM's link above what their opinion is on Track and Trail also.

The website link in regards to the Kokoda Campaign is it Track or Trail

Me from the Kokoda side see how it reads Kokoda Trail
Welcome to the Kokoda Trail, Papua New Guinea
The photos I have inserted on these Post are photos I actually took inside the Memorial Museum.  I had the whole place to myself so it was a time of reflection.  It was my first day in Kokoda, PNG and already I was put on the Track encouraged by Shane and Gail Thomas, to go and see Isurava Battlefields.  Due to my fitness standards being extremely low I only made it to Deniki mountain.  Thanks to my past army training though I made it there.  However the hike to Deniki only made me more determine to do the
whole track next year.  More will be discussed about my experience there in another Post later on about this.

Welcome to the Kokoda Track, Papua New Guinea

Okay and on the other side this is what it reads.  So know you have seen it with your own eyes with these photos that I took.

Other of my Blog Links in regards to the Pacific War in PNG are here if you wish to read more below.  I am also in the process of updating my these Blog pages each weekend depending on the spare time I can squeeze in.

Yet to insert the links in here.

Researching your Australian and Papua New Guinea Military History
Researching the history of PTE Leo Cowan - Military History in the Huon Peninsular Campaign

Feel free to share your views/comment/expert opinions and insert other website links you think might be of some use for those who are or want to know a bit about the Battle For Australia.

Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility or liability of any loss to any incorrect or out dated information some of these websites may contain. The most accurate up to date information at the time known to me is inserted in these pages. It is the responsibility of the individual to do their own research in their own time. This is just a guide to assist people in giving them as much information as I possibly can to assist them in learning about Kokoda and PNG in general.  My views and opinions and experiences will not exactly reflect other peoples' views and opinions and experiences.

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