Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finally an article from the New Zealand Marathon Runner Matt Mc Laughlin

Click on to the photos if you want to view it properly

Well today I received an email from the New Zealand marathon runner who competed in the Kokoda Challenge Race 2011 in PNG this year.

Page 48 top middle Brendan Buka the reigning Kokoda Race Champion 4 times in a row

For those of you who are curious about the Kokoda Challenge Race in PNG (the real one that is done on the Kokoda Track on PNG.)  This article describes what it is like to do it.

Matt had asked permission to use a couple my images and I loved how he used it in his article.  So I've inserted the actual photos I took that are in his article.  The one above is of Brendan and others.

Page 46 central beside the one below...

Page 46 bottom left
You will find his story on pages 44 inclusive to 49, otherwise feel free to browse through where ever you want to browse. - The link to Matt's article but you have to scroll to Pages 44 - 49.

Hope this will help some of you have a better understanding of the Kokoda Challenge Race in PNG.

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