Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What is the Kokoda Challenge Race in Kokoda, PNG?

Ends at the Kokada Track near the Kokoda Memorial Hospital
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Last updated Thursday, 13 October 2011

For those of you who are curious about the Kokoda Challenge Race, click on the following 3 links and you will find the information in there.  I am also in the process of inserting more photos on other posts on this Blog.

The link to the Kokoda Challenge Race 2011 from Kokoda Trekking Limited's website will explain to you all about the Kokoda Challenge Race.

Kokoda Trekking Limited's Main Page in Regards To The Kokoda Challenge -
The Kokoda Challenge is located in Papua New Guinea across the infamous Kokoda Trail. The race starts at Owers Corner and finishes in Kokoda and covers a distance of 96 kilometres...

The Kokoda Supporters starting to come in
Kokoda Challenge Race 2011 - This morning 30 competitors lined up to contest this year's Kokoda Challenge Race. Brendan Buka is the hot favourite once again to win this year's race. Before the start one guy came forward and withdrew saying he was not feeling too well, another guy missed the start and commenced his race some 30 minutes after the rest due to a night on the town.... 

They had a local band playing there on the day

You will see all the photos of them at Owers corner in the above link, and I will insert photos of what was actually going on at Orohaven Kokoda Retreat while they were running the track to us on the other end.

Local people were allowed to sell their crafts on the day

MC on the day announcing the updates

Kokoda Challenge PNG's Facebook Link - They are also on Facebook and Boss Meri aka Gail Thomas of Kokoda Trekking Limited aka KTL to the KTL mob was updating the information on Facebook, whilst Shane (her son and I and others) were back at Kokoda doing our bit.

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